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oh man...

Is there anything you can't relate to zombies? :P

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SuperJeffoMan responds:

haha Tom! I love zombies, and I love tom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Holy crap... It's annoying enough when I'm asked constantly if I've SEEN Twilight..
Awesome job man!

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I like the direction you're going in. This has potential to be a great game.
Though the controls are smooth, it seems nearly impossible to move across the level without being hit.

I love the simplicity, but...
this main character looks oddly familiar... color and everything (click my name and you'll see what I mean).

simplymuzik3 responds:

oh, I didnt mean for the character to look like yours, I got it from a youtube video :P

Good start...

First of all, its a good concept. I also enjoy simple characters for games (as you can see by the game I have made) and the sloppy style. Rough drawings are far more creative than generic shapes in my opinion.

Anyways, you say you put so much work into making your levels, so make it so you can't right click the stage and click 'Play' to skip the current level.
You can do that by easily putting the script "Stage.showMenu=false" into a frame.

Also, I'd suggest adding some kind of health meter so its more challenging.
And while playing, I noticed the first boss walks off screen, causing you to fall and die.

Just play around with it a little more, I'm sure it'll turn out pretty good in the end.


Bounceboy responds:

i know i ussually make a custom right click menu but i actually sort of had to use that to defeat the last boss. who reckons last boss is just a little hard?

EDIT: that boss can't actually hurt you so thats the way you die from that boss.

How to defeat bosses:
Boss 1: get to the stick stuck in his head 3 times and each time he'll try to make you fall down after each time.

Boss 2: hit the antenna on the robot's head... do it while he isn't attacking because he rotates. get him 4 times.

So far..

So far the game doesn't seem too great.
Using the up and down arrows when moving at that speed is extremely challenging (especially with those "extremely touchy" obstacles). I'd suggest attaching the ball to the mouse curser instead.
Also, when you do add artwork, go crazy. Personal artwork is always way better than a generic ball and wall.

On another note, I'd also suggest using NG Alphas section. Thats the best place to submit "in-progress" submissions.

Good luck with your game.

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I'm listening to this song on loop while working on an animation.
Great inspiration! Expect to hear this used in an animation within the Flash Portal soon!


Awesome loop... I'd have to agree with the whole nodding bit.
Definitely saving a copy of this for possible future use.

(I'll be back to listen again if you find a way to better this.)

DjWoIfie responds:

thanks o.o i plan on improving everything i have as well as comming out with new stuff

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